by April's Fool

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All songs written, performed and produced by Danny E.
Recorded at home from August 2010-March 2011.


released June 20, 2011




all rights reserved


April's Fool Auckland, New Zealand

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Track Name: Relate
i can't relate
she holds me back
i guess we'll go back to that same old deal
this is a joke
i can't forget that separate entity of mine
a second guess, i fall on home
if she was here
i'd fall on through
i would remind myself to be calm
that's how it goes
when the days get colder every hour
it wasn't true but that is all i know about you
responsibilities are shared, they're on the table
another one to call my own, they're all so stable
Track Name: Where Will I Go
everybody wants to know
where will i end up alone
its a strange answer of
where will i go?
anne is sailing through the sea
will she ever comfort me?
well i'm across the estuary
and its getting harder to read
where will i go?
everybody wants to find
have you ever made it rhyme?
have you ever faked your smile?
where will i go?
Track Name: Prophecy
so it seems like you're gone
sometimes things get smaller
turn the pages of my own
i'm not your personal
this time somethings gonna get away
this time something has to stay
this time somethings gonna get away
some things just don't stay the same
thunder crashes on and on
burning under the shore
i turn the pages mellow
serpentine and orange glow
the prophecy is coming through me
the truth is ever-growing
your hands were shaking like the silver lining of the ocean
and the waves keep on going in the motion of this morning
its so clear to me
so it seems like you're gone
Track Name: My Demise
your demise is a landslide that i can't call home
and your bridge is falling free from your compressed monochrome
and you'll win
deform the landslide from your christ
and daughter
put your hands around me slowly
as they keep coming closer
and your sulfur mane is hell
but you've sold any things
go on sebastien bach, makin music for the masters
when you can listen to me
Track Name: For No One
i thought it would be cool to let you down
i thought it would be cool to get around
these prodded people
were stuck on the steeples
on just a record to play again
got a kick in the shins last night oh yeah
got a piece of your mind last night oh yeah
to one, to none, to think i was there
can i collect the promises over again?
these prodded people
were stuck on the steeples
i forgot the answers to your kind
in just a moment we let the regrets take hold of our souls when we get home
Track Name: Selfesteem
on the surface for the first time
never known what to play
caroline says
watch the battery
or we can't watch the tape
i bet it won't come late
there's no time for a change to be made in the morning
summertime is dawning
shes gone under now
on occasion
drink the fountain
we sip the coffee and we wait
pissing feelings on and on and on and on
apple crave and others slave
everyone went quiet
its only made for the morning
save enough to behave
dialect in complication
selfesteem saves the day
Track Name: Seen the Day
i hope that you're waiting there for me
i think that we need to get away from here
and sometimes your love gets way ahead of me
and sometimes my heart weeps for the distance of you and me
i am standing at your door
settling the score
i am waiting for your words
i am waiting for the emptiness to set in
i'll come knocking every day just to hear you say goodbye
i'll be at the corridor just begging for the chords of your song
to sing along
you don't know me anyway
you are just a baby to me
you can't forget the truth
its putting you in that shiny suit
that i bought you, that i crave
but i'll be out of here sometime someday
sometime today
Track Name: Foam
if i was a setting sun
nothing for the years to come
we'd die in apart of similarity
something is inside the well
of who we are and always will be
but our domination feeds a million
caravans are flying from the sky
stranger fields with perfect faces
certain formings of what we were
our domination feeds a million
leading seeds from all these castaways
we don't care about it
the separate sky about to leak
don't be so quiet to me now
foaming at the mouth like we all saw it coming
somethings got to be far fetched baby
nothing else is as lonely