Death Songs

by April's Fool

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All songs written, performed and produced by Danny E
Recorded July 2011 to August 2012 in my room/garage
Mastered at the Nomad Soundstore by Morgan Allen


released April 30, 2013




all rights reserved


April's Fool Auckland, New Zealand

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Track Name: Embassy
when i'm walking in sleep you are the one i see
when i'm walking on oceans you are the wave
lets go ride the clouds
and wear our hearts on our sleeve
but don't leave yet
there's so much to say
i thought it could be something more
its all in the waiting
all in the silence
a false indication
of where you want me
i didn't notice
Track Name: Heart/Mind
meet me at the corner of a lost and found street
if that's where i'll die, i'll be fine without you
when days go past as fast as rolling your eyes to the back of your head
its easier to claim your dead side, or your mind
when you're tripping on my feet
and all the lies, they stay outside
i'm dying on your cross with my arms outstretched
meet me at the end of a bad night
if everything is fine you lay down your weary head on your empty bedside
i slept under the stars so many nights with you
i burned down so many old pictures
so many eyes red
now you're caught under the table
when the feelings spill out my mouth, am i already deep in your heart
or your mind?
Track Name: Cope
and i couldn't cope when i sunk in discretions
and i would've held on your hand under blankets of fire
and i couldn't take all the sleeping pills and white wine
and i smoked the last of your terrible cigarettes
and your regrets are so subtle,
and your bones were fragile and tired
from a desperate change
i called your name
and i could of picked all the weight up with my hands
when i didn't feel safe at all
and when i said pretty things about her dress
her hands blanked the sides of her mothers eyes
(like you said in church)
and, you were set for the worst
you were digging bodies in the backyard
with my hands tied to your heart
i couldn't say anything more
but i'm sorry for why?
Track Name: Lucky
why are you so comfortable with strangers?
you're so unstable with all these guys that love you
put on your smile you wear it nicely
i didn't mean to act so kindly
i never know what you're thinking until i'm begging on my knees
i've mistaken these conversations for something silly
i'm so sick of those bullshit friends that bicker on and turn you on
i just wanted to spend the night alone
stop talking to me like i'm some stranger
can't get enough of your slick behavior
i don't mean to pinpoint you
but i feel there's something that i must do
i really needed to comfort you
i really needed to comfort you, ooh-ooh-ooh
but i'm not lucky anymore
and i'm not lucky anymore
and i felt lucky once before
but i'm not lucky anymore
Track Name: Stop
hit square in the face from some hypocritical remark
i didn't mean to mistake all your pretty words as some shot in the dark
everybody's wishing for some love to rest upon
and i know its sad but you're the only one i've got
i've got a list of things i need to tell you
i've got a funny feeling that i'm right
and that dirty look in your eyes is something you can't disguise
a bit of alcohol won't hurt you
why would you worry about controlling yourself around me?
you know there's something missing, are you feeling happy?
could you even keep yourself clean if you're not even trying?
Track Name: This Room
this room is so old
the smell of old ambitions haunts me
and this room is so cold
i've so many days locked inside my head
this bed is so reserved
i wake up every morning to the same sights and sounds
and these thoughts are still so pure
your face portrays a song but i know half the words
and you break the camels back when love takes the right track
i know you're right, and i know you're fine, so...
how did you get there?
Track Name: Caves
waiting on a call
waiting for a day
honest and allowed
honest and allowed
there's nothing in the well
i can see it in the sparks
potion on the brink
potion on your tongue
there's fiction on a cave
you better let go
some of them stick
some will pull through
end of disarray
only you
i want it to arrive
i waited all day
i promised you my love
i promised you my love
there's fiction on a cave
you better let go
Track Name: Untitled
i can't say no to you anymore
i can't take you for a walk down the hall
taking the weight from the sun
take it away from us all
why do you act so condescending when you're the only one laughing?
taking your precious time to see the real me
and i know you'll face the truth when it hits you
and i know the lies the lies the lies
Track Name: Petty Crimes
waiting for your call, you never said you'd leave today
i never thought of you to be that way
despite the petty crimes that you make
you're running in a maze that never ends
and ends you for good
its all the pain that lures you in
expecting something worth living
have you burned the castle down?
did you just drift past the signs of aging?
and did you spit in the face of what you were?
well i don't know how to unglue the fabric of time from your shoes
and everybody knows that you're gone
and everybody knows that you're gone
Track Name: See You
all i see are roses planted on my bed
all i have to do is talk and talk again
i'll make a mess with everyone
and i'll make amends with everyone
all i did was talk and touch to an extent
and now you know to never drink with me again
coz things aren't the same when i'm around
you've made the same mistake in a parallel town
i've lost the will to care about you now
even though we're old friends
i fucked it up again
i fucked it up again
i fucked it up again
i fucked it up again